Thursday, April 30, 2009

"He is like an instant best Friend."

This is our new puppy Charlie. He is cute ( as you can see!) and sweet and always happy to see us. He loves to play and also loves to take long naps. He instantly wormed his way into our hearts. Leif made the above quote about him being a best friend. He has been to the shop with me and if needed I could have given him away several times over! Everybody loves Charlie!

It is nice to have someone to keep you company and make you go outside ALL the time. I woke up the other morning to hear he and Leif playing. It is just what he needs being the last kid left in the house!

What is not to love?

Friday, April 3, 2009

How We Know it is Spring

Mud! Is has been kinda muddy around here. Not so bad that we had to shut the driveway off but it is a bit mucky outside. Leif really likes it. He spent 2 hours outside yesterday with NO SHOES ON! I still think it is a bit cold for that but when I asked him if his feet were cold he said "I can take it. I go out in the snow in bare feet." It is true, he does. His feet looked kinda red but I wasn't concerned I knew that if he were really cold it would hurt.

Spring is slow in Maine. It is a funky time of year when we expect warmth & sunshine and that is pretty scarce until end of May or June. It can make you a little grumpy-not me right now but it happens. I have rented a ton of movies this week so I would say people are needing a bit of an escape.

We do find our signs that change it happening, you just have to look close. This is Rhubarb just poking is head through the soil, it is always the first plant to grow in my yard & will be big and green soon!

Here I captured the hail/rain whilst it was falling. It was thundering too. We take what we can get & I am glad it isn't snow!