Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy, Away, & Sick

I haven't posted for awhile due to the aforementioned reasons. I am a bit under the weather at present and I am trying to get well. Here are some photos... After hiking up Mt. was beautiful but we just missed the sunset.

The view of Camden Harbor & Leif.

This me me walking on the beach in New Hampshire last week. It even got warm enough for me to take off my hat and mittens, a beautiful morning as you can see. It clouded up as we were headed back to my brother's house.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is That Really the Temp? And Other News

Apparently it really was -25 degrees this morning, I took this picture to prove it! That is cold even for here in Maine, thankfully it is not windy. It has now warmed up to 5 degrees, I may even take a short walk. Maybe. I have been thinking a bit about warm sandy beaches. I can dream...

Back to reality. This is the current state of my living room, and I am happy to report it is being worked on by Paddy & Cor and maybe it will even be finished one day. They have both been out of work and so this room is seeing action. They put up beams this week. They tore out the ceiling and all you see is the top of the house, no insulation just the roof. This is right next to my bedroom and so my bedroom which is normally cool is now COLD. I affectionately call it the Frigidaire. In order to reach my room you have to go thru two double layer plastic partitions. I decided to sleep in the living room last night. I was cozy and warm, ahh.
I don't know how far this will get because Paddy just told me he is going back to work on Tuesday! Yay! This is good news for our family. He did mention making sure that the room got back it's envelope of insulation, I hope that gets done today because we are off first thing tomorrow for a family gathering in CT.
Last night Leif skied for the first time this year! I do not have a photo because I was not there. I let him go with the school and figure it all out for himself. I was trying not to be a worry wart. I kept telling him everything he needed to know about keeping warm and I found his scarf & hat & sweater, and I talked to him about frostbite etc. In my panic and lecturing I forgot to tell him to make sure he skied with someone. He went up alone on his first run and ran into trouble right away and couldn't get his skis back on and he ended up hiking way down the slope to a flat spot. He then got his skis on and finished his run. I guess I didn't need to worry because he figured out what to do on his own and he was fine. Oh, and he didn't wear the scarf.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Walk

Out on top of the snowpile! We took a walk out in the cold last Saturday. All the ice that we were sliding on last weekend is covered in snow. No sliding but it was much easier to walk.

The fairgrounds are so cool, very different in winter than summer. We went up into the stands and while Leif was checking everything out I was running up and down the steps! This place filled Leif up with ideas and he talked & talked.

King of the Mountain! Leif was running ahead and behind and over to the side and climbing what he could.

The sun just before it set, time to head back indoors. It was getting very cold. Just before we left Leif wrote MAX in giant letters in the snow, a tribute to our great dog.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In Memory of Max

Our last walk with Max on Sunday.

This is the start of the Woods Road where we took our walks together. He is buried just to the right of where this photo is taken.

Last month, getting our tree.

This is how I will always think of him by my side walking in the woods.

Leif and Max, Thanksgiving 2008.

Waiting for the bus.

Swimming at the pond in summertime.

Sharing his space!

Playing in the snow.

We will miss him, he was with us for the past 10 years, goodbye Maxie.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sliding into the New Year

We went out for a walk the other day at our local fairgrounds, it was cold & clear. The fairgrounds are one of the places I like to walk and they are very different in the winter. On the racetrack we found these giant patches of ice to slide on, some were so big and smooth I was wishing I had skates! No skates though so I walked & walked instead. I love it once I am outside but sometimes I have to force myself out the door first.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wierd and Weird

How about that word weird. I seem to be having many spelling mistakes these days which is new for me I think I don't know why. Weird, huh? So you know just keep telling me and well MAYBE I will fix them and then again maybe not. It can be sort of entertaining.