Monday, January 17, 2011

Squeeze It In

Here is our NEW living room! It is a very nice space and we are loving it. It is used all the time, as the name living room would imply.I am at this very moment getting some alone time, it is bound to be over any minute now but it feels nice to have the quiet surround me. Such a rare things these days. Sleeping next to me in the aforementioned living room are 2 teenage boys, still tired apparently after staying up late playing video games (yes, I let them play video games). I shut them down at 2:15AM after they put on a movie and woke me up doing it. My Mom is sleeping in her room down the hall, she usually sleeps in pretty late. Pat just got up and read about the alone time and laughed. So it is...fleeting. Alone, but not really, I have to get up in time to "manage" my old cat, Pippin. He is 17 and at this great age has decided that he can go to the bathroom anywhere he feels like it. This is not do to him being infirm or kitty dementia or anything like that, no it is just because he is lazy. He is actually doing better and seems to understand his retraining but this morning he peed on the bathmat, which is a big improvement to some of the other spots he has chosen if a don't put him out on time. I also cleaned up kitty puke form my other old cat. Time alone, I'll take it even if it means doing these things as well.

I crave the quiet moments, this morning I noticed the sun beaming in thru my kitchen door like it NEVER has before, they are logging all around my house and what has felt like my yard for so long it most definitely NOT my yard. No matter how many times we have walked up there or the kids have played in those woods, they are gone now and I had no say in it. It is weird and a little sad. But... my house is now lighter & brighter. You can see the sun thru the trees, those are our trees and behind them was all harvested.

I walked out to the logging yard yesterday. Wow. This is right where I berry picked last summer.

I turn around and head home, where nothing is different, we still have our 2.5 acres and whatever we do with it is our choosing.