Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Time Passed

Wow, it has been over a year since I have written a blog post. Circumstances stopped the flow of Internet expression. I have been thinking about coming back for awhile, although I know that I must not have any more readers due to my abrupt and lengthy departure. I guess it is just for me then, and I will try not to worry too much about what I write.

Life is a funny thing, just as you get used to things they change. Oh, and NOTHING is ever perfect. I am in the midst of chaos right now and so I thought that this was the perfect time to write.

My living room remodel which was started 4 years ago this month is nearing completion, and a bedroom remodel is going slowly but will be done in a week! It must be all done because my Mom is moving in with me and I want things to be nice for her, she arrives in a little over a week. I am happy and excited but a bit nervous too. It has been a long time since we have lived together.

Oh and we parted ways with our painter. A bit of a disagreement about what "done" meant, and also we didn't like the look of dirt & fingerprints polyed into the trim forever. I felt bad, he was a nice guy and he started off so well. It was a weird & stressful thing to deal with, Pat was very firm and a bit pissed too. When the guy told him he didn't need to be such a dick about it, I knew the end had come. I just wish we had someone to finish the painting for us.