Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Swim

It is definitely feeling like fall around here, but we had a few hot days this week and had a chance at one more swim at the pond. It was dinnertime and so no one else was around which is the best. The air was warm but the water was cold! PJ brought his snorkel but he didn't last long because of the temp. I swam out towards the middle, just me and the dog, it was quiet and the sun was shining in that bright slanting way it does in the fall and I savored it for a minute and swam back. We walked around and I took tons of photos which I have been really into, I shot some decent pics but continue to be frustrated with my point & shoot camera.

Today it is cold again. I actually have on a few layers. Tomorrow is October and so if I want I will turn on the heat. I am off to work, it must be warm there!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wool Socks, Heroes, & Knitting

Oh, the joys of the changing seasons. We have been curling up on the couch the last 3 evenings to watch Heroes on DVD, it is a bit strange but definitely compelling. It is pretty cold in our house but we don't like to turn on the heat until October. So out come my homemade wool socks and the beautiful quilt that a friend gave me. We get nice and cozy. I finally started knitting again after a summer hiatus. I am finishing up a baby sweater for one of the new babies that is being born this fall in my extensive family. It feels so good to knit again!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Apparently it's a trend!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shcool has Shtarted

Don't you want to send your kids here? They have quite a Shpelling class!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting away from it all

We actually carved out a block of time and went to our favorite spot and camped out over the long weekend. It was so very nice to get away, the cell phone didn't even work, so we really did feel removed from the rat race.

It is a small remote campground and a bit rugged, no showers or anything like that. But, oh the river! What fun! We brought our niece along and she was the most vocal on the river. Screams, hollers and cries of "Awesome!" and "This is the best waterslide ever!" expressing pure elation and also an acknowledgment of the temp of the water.
We also hiked partway up a mountain to were there were more natural waterslides, these ones several degrees colder than down at the river and I only watched and stuck my feet into the cold. The kids loved it, but got quite chilled so we went back to camp and had a fire and ate.
We did a lot of resting, relaxing, and eating. We discussed the fact that everything tastes better at camp be it toast or hot chocolate, even potatoes take on a quality they don't seem to posess at home. We discussed it often as the subject came up often.
All good things must come to an end. We packed up and came home: to work, to school and to September, when life is just a bit more serious and summer is over.