Monday, February 25, 2008

View from Across the Universe, or at least Across the Couch

Pretty exciting, isn't it? This is how I have spent the last several days. I watch a lot of TV when I'm sick and tired. I started with Veronica Mars a show which I loved but most people have never watched. Then, I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and well my first impressions of it proved to be correct, it seemed cheesy and kinda meaningless. Now I know lots of people who love this show and think it is the greatest so I thought I would like it more than I did. I gave it a fair shot and watched 8 episodes. I guess it's not for me. Then it was on to the Gilmore Girls which is an old favorite of mine, something to take my mind off of how I felt and yet I could sleep through it and it wouldn't make any difference.

I decided to watch Across The Universe which I have heard many good and bad things about. It is a musical and most often when I hear that it is not the choice I make. Although there are exceptions Mulan Rouge and Bride and Prejudice are both movies that I really enjoy. Across the Universe is not your typical musical. The story is told roughly through Beatles songs, the story itself could at times be vague but once I realized that it was more about the music than the story and that the music was awesome, I just went with it and enjoyed. Great music, great costumes, and great cinematograghy. I decided to let L watch with me, it's PG13 and so I wasn't sure but I thought it fine, there was some nudity but it was like an art piece and some references that went over his head but no big deal. It was a suprise to me that Bono was in it, he looked so different I wasn't sure it was him, Eddie Izzard is there, and Joe Cocker shows up too. Now the funny thing was that L really liked it and this child is not much of a music fan. This is the kid who at age 2 would take his tiny little hand and cover my mouth up if I tried to sing him a lullaby (I know my voice isn't that good but the other 2 loved it when I sang to them). So anyway he really liked it, we then proceeded to watch all of the second disc full of extras. I am giving it my recommendation!

I am thankfully on the mend. I have lots of work to catch up on and now am on my way down to Portland to drop off my oldest son Corwin he is on his way back to N.C. after a very brief visit with us (he spent most of his time with his friends). I'll be back soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey, Where's My Hat?

Hi, Uncle Paddy here, poor old Aunt Kirstie is out sick today so she asked me to fill in for a bit. So, how about that hat there? I think it really brings out the blue in my eyes. To bad its not for me! Nope, she made it for one of the kids. Not that they don't deserve fine hand made woolens, its just that I was supposed to get one like a gazillion years ago and I'm constantly forced to watch her knit all kinds of far-out & groovy things and she even makes me model them sometimes. As you can very well see in the lovely photo above; which doesn't do the hat justice by the way. The color choices are quite understated which I think keeps the pattern from looking to busy or brash. TTFN, Uncle Paddy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

GOOD Gluten-Free Cake

Last night we celebrated PJ's birthday with a very delicious cake! This was the first really good cake he has had since finding out he can't have gluten. I even liked it and I don't enjoy much of the gluten free products, even the homemade ones. I had a good idea that this one would be okay because of the incredible ingredients like ground almonds, sour cream, & maple syrup. These have such a presence I thought that they would carry the flavor and they did! YAY!!! It is so nice to bake for someone who enjoys it so. Happy B-day Paddy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Looks comfy...?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye Pickerel...Hello Bass

We went ice fishing on Sunday. Several pickeral were caught and after a thorough inspection were let go.

But then our friends caught this big Boy (girl?) . It was quite exciting and we were a wee bit jealous, then another wide mouth bass was caught (not by us) and they gave it to us.

Never look a gift fish in the mouth-especially when it has such a wide one.

It was delicious!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Little Knitting and Big Love

I finished my baby sweater except for the buttons, in this picture they are just placed on top of the sweater to see how it will look when it's done. This sweater is very cute and small but I must confess that I started knitting it close to 6 years ago (yes, I said 6!). It feels good to have finished it. It will go to a different great niece than orginally planned but that's okay with me. I am going to continue with small projects for the time being, and maybe some other incomplete projects as well.

I haven't knit as much in the past week because PJ and I have been watching the first season of Big Love, an HBO series about a modern, Mormon, Polygamist family. This show requires my complete attention. The concept is quite unlike anything else that has been on the TV before, at least to my knowledge. The characters are great and have many layers, some you like and some you really hate. The situations are unlike any I have experienced and it makes you think. It is fun and I recommend it.

It has been a BUSY week for me but I did manage to squeeze in making these breakfast bars, which I read about on this blog salt and chocolate, they are quite delicious and easy to make, although a bit sweet and tough on fragile teeth. Great while I have been on the go this week. I am the only one in the house who can or will eat them, luckily for me they store well and I like them. Enjoy!