Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Germany

Pictures now, text later. We are off to Norway in a Minute.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Germany is amazing!

My brother took me here yesterday. The picture cannot even begin to show this magnificent structure. It was huge and imposing and detail all over.

Fleisch und Wurst. Mmmmm.
Such a cool old bus. This is for Uncle Paddy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Germany- Canola fields, Cloister, Painting & Cake

This is a shot from the plane right before landing in Munich. The bright yellow fields are canola flowers, the seeds are used for oil and Bio-fuel. We had a good flight, they GAVE us wine as well as a hot dinner (It was good too!) then we were lucky enough to sleep for a few hours and then the sun starting coming up and we woke up. It was about 1 am. They gave us hot towels and fed us breakfast and we loanded at 9 am (3 am).
Here is an old cloister that is being renovated. This is where my sister in law goes for her painting class. She asked me to join her.
What a place! I even joined in and painted, I don't think I have made a painting since Kindergarten. I was given everything I needed to paint plus tea and the company of all these amazing women. Everybody was speaking German and I was striving to understand and occasionally I could. I watched them critique a painting, I am not sure what was said but it was lively!

And then there was cake! Oh and whipped cream!