Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back From Martha's Vineyard & I'll Never be the Same Again

First there was this (I am the one farthest away in the pic) and lots of it through the beautiful state forest with bike paths. It was very flat and the weather was perfect, easy and pleasant riding.

Then onto this path, which lead to this...

THE BEACH! That was pretty much how the days went plus a little shopping and relaxing. Not too hard to take. And the nights oh the nights...what they say is what happens on the Vineyard stays on the Vineyard. What I will say is I had a lot of fun and I had a few drinks and laughed a LOT. By Wednesday I was totally beat I didn't sleep well and after about a mile told my companions that I couldn't ride that day because I was too tired. Which was a very good thing because then came Thursday, the day of the BIG RIDE...

To Be Continued...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bike Trip

It is very early in the morning and my bike is in the truck and I am all set to go. I am anxious to go. In a way I've been getting ready for 8 weeks, that's when I started exercising. I was invited on this Bike Trip about a week later, it has kept me motivated. Now it is before 5 am and I am all set and ready to go. I have had a crazy week and I am set to have a crazy week when I return. But this week starting today is all about doing what I want-I am not sure what it will entail as I have not been involved with the planning at all. This trip has been happening for over 20 years and the women who plan it have had a bit of practice. I hadn't thought about is previously but I am the planner when it comes to any sort of trip that myself or my family go on. So this time I just sent a check and the whole thing has been planned out already. All the coordinating, shopping, renting of the house, all the details have been taken care of. It is kind of amazing for me. All I have to do is show up.

I am a bit nervous...I still have a way to go before I consider myself fit. But, I am going for it. I will be back in a week and I will do my best to post next Sunday before the crazy week starts. Have a great week everyone, I know I will...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Try To Hold It All Up or Just Get Out From Underneath?

We all seem to lead lives of extreme busyness (business). With. Too. Much. Too. Do. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you get so rushed and stressed that you smash your finger in the car door. Right before an actual date night. Instead of going out to eat you spend the evening in the ER and it is not interesting like on TV, just boring and painful. Not so fun.
Then a trip to Colorado to spend some time with Mom. Taking an extra few days more than planned because it's important, Mom lives far away. When there less than 24 hrs when get a fever that goes up and up for several days finally peaking at 103.6, and then after going down it stayed around 99.5 for the rest of the time there. It really put a damper on visiting.
Return home to: new employee gone bad and the fun of letting her know that she didn't make it past her probationary period. Search for new employee, frustrating. Still having effects of trip Virus at random times: light headed, dizzy, headaches, fatigue. Eldest child in distress and needing rescue (1100 miles away). Etc, etc, etc.
Then the good parts:
The employee (you know who you are) who I can depend on no matter what!
The sometimes entertaining task of finding a new employee, some people really don't want a job despite the fact that they show up an ask for an application. It can be funny what they say or ask (Will you change your store hours to fit my schedule?). Oh, and a tip for all you job hunters out there: washing is good.
Going away overnight for 22nd wedding anniversary.
Finding a new employee! Yaaayyy! (cross your fingers)
Getting invited on a women's bike trip for a week on Martha's Vineyard!
Joining and changing my lifestyle.
Life is busy but the good seems to outweigh the bad so I guess I'm gonna keep on going.
If I actually have any readers left please click on the comment link and let me know you are there and if I should continue writing this blog.